Financial leasing is a form of financing tangible assets or equipment. It is formalized through a lease contract that determines that the leasing company finances the purchase of an asset, thereby acquiring its ownership.

Definitions in the contract:

  • Period of use of the vehicle / equipment;
  • Responsibility to cover the risks;
  • Maintenance of the vehicle / equipment;
  • Amount and periodicity of installments (usually monthly);
  • Option to purchase vehicle / equipment after maturity terms.

Leasing Products

  • Financial leasing for vehicles and fleets of all types(AFI cooperates with all car dealers);
  • Financial leasing for machinery and equipment, such as industrial machinery and equipment, dental equipment, etc.;
  • Financial leasing for electro-domestic and office equipment, including laptops, mobile phones and other office items;
  • Financial leasing for real estate, as applied under the “Buy and Lease Back” option.